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The Benefits of Tai Chi Practice

Tai Chi is a style of Chinese martial arts. Originally, it was intended for combat as well as self-defense. In this day and age, Tai Chi is mostly known for its health benefits and positive effects on the body and mind. The most well-known style of Tai chi is the Yang, created by Yang Luchan.

Health Benefits

On a physical level, the practice of Tai Chi can improve your joint flexibility, body balance, muscle strength, aerobic capacity, and increases energy levels. The effects on the mind are incredibly powerful as well. You will feel more focused, and your mood will improve. Anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety will find relief, and this practice will also help to relieve the symptoms of stress.

Different Styles

While the most popular style is the Yang, which features slow movement forms, there are many other Tai Chi styles. One of the most well known are the Chen, which is a combination of slow and fast movements, and the two Wu styles, more focused on body balance. All these styles share the same philosophy in terms of finding the power of inner energy strength, as well as theoretical principles.

Practicing Tai Chi as a Martial Art

Tai Chi, particularly in the Chen style, can be performed as a combat martial art. To achieve this, you will have to practice the faster movements, concentrating on the right way to apply force to the different forms. Mental balance and visualization training are also crucial to control the opponent.

Tai Chi for Beginners

If you want to learn this amazing martial art, it’s best to find a qualified instructor that will lead you to achieving the right way to practice the forms through posture, breathing, and concentration. Often, Tai chi is performed outdoors: the reason for this is that breathing fresh air increases the benefits of the whole practice.

Phystical Activity for All Age Groups

Tai Chi can be practiced at all ages. In fact, it is a physical activity suitable for the elderly, especially in the Yang style. The slow movements will help to maintain the right levels of flexibility and muscle mass. Even who suffers from certain conditions, such as fibromyalgia, can find relief from joint pain, improving the quality of his/her life.