Learning Martial Arts

What to Look for in a Martial Arts Trainer

For you to be a martial arts teacher, you must have mastered the right techniques needed. This includes achieving a black belt and mastering all the rules of martial arts. The experience and knowledge is very essential for one to be a good teacher. That’s not all. You also need to portray the following characteristics in order to be known as a great instructor.


When it comes to martial arts, the teacher should be very patient especially when dealing with learners. Quick learners master new techniques easily while slow learners take longer. On the other hand, beginners take several days or weeks to master a skill or two. This should not frustrate the teacher at all. The teacher should have the patience to repeat certain skills severally until all learners master them.

Planning for Classes

A good teacher should make prior preparations for lessons. This helps the teacher achieve the set objectives for the lesson. It also helps the teacher to plan how to handle the individual differences of the learners.


As it is well known that respect is earned; the teacher must respect students in order for them to respect him. As a teacher, you might not agree with everything that the learner says or does, but it is important to respect their choices and ideas. Respecting fellow instructors is also important in an institution.


Just because you are a qualified martial artist doesn’t mean you should not practice. To a teacher, learning never stops. The more you practice, the more you get to learn new skills and perfect older ones. Regular practice to keeps a martial artist fit and strong. Besides that, frequent practice motivates you and your learners because they learn a lot from you.

Be a Motivator

A good instructor should motivate students to do more. They should engage their learners in learning new skills and inspire them to practice more even when the teacher is not around. The teacher should be a good example and should be passionate about what they are teaching.


Being an instructor comes with a lot of responsibilities. You should make learners a priority and help them achieve the best skills and knowledge from you. A good teacher should influence their learners to succeed and use the knowledge acquired to change their lives even if they do not become professional martial artists in the future.

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