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Importance of Strength Training for Martial Artists

When it comes to martial arts, strength training is as important as the techniques of the art itself. In fact, all martial artists should make strength training a routine if they want to succeed in the art, and this would mean lifting some heavy weights at least twice every week. Why is strength training so important?

Well, strength training helps martial artists to gain speed and power, which are essential elements in martial arts. Being powerful or strong gives you the ability to generate faster, yet powerful movements when facing the opponent. When you add to this skill and technique, the product is a martial artist that is a hard nut to crack.

While increased power and speed are the obvious benefits derived from strength training, regular strength training reduces the chances of injuries. Weight-lifting strengthens your tendons, the structures that attach your muscles to the bones. Given that martial arts involve repetitive movements, tendons are prone to injuries, but if they are strong enough, you won’t get injured more often. Staying injury-free will motivate you to train even harder and more regular, standing a chance to win tournaments and enjoy other benefits of martial arts.