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Kung Fu

Kung Fu originally started in Shaolin Temple, in the province of Henan, China. It was often practiced by monks mainly for defence purposes and to improve their health while being enlightened at the temple. The term Kung Fu means the martial arts of China. In the education system of the Chinese people, Kung Fu was incorporated since it taught leaders and scholars values like humility, patience, among other virtues.

Characteristics of Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a form of martial arts that involves using open and closed hand strikes, blocks, and kicks to defend yourself against any form of attack. Those who practice Kung Fu have different skills, styles and knowledge on how to throw kicks and lock joints when facing an opponent. Kung Fu uses a combination of strength, techniques, speed and force in order to tackle an opponent; hence, it is known for it’s amazing flowing forms of attack.

Kung Fu Goals

Basically, Kung Fu practitioners use their skills to protect themselves against attackers. Philosophically, Kung Fu defines Taoist and Buddhist in China, depending on the principles and styles that they have been taught.

Kung Fu Emphasizes the Philosophy of Prolonging Life

The Buddhists mastered the Chinese Kung Fu with the aim of prolonging life. Historically, this philosophy greatly impacted the attitude of martial arts learners. Other forms of martial arts are known for using violence and hostility in practicing, but this does not apply to Kung Fu.

Importance of Kung Fu

Character Training

Kung Fu shapes up ones character and builds them morally. Besides that, it puts more emphasis on tolerance, endurance, courage and respect in ones life. These qualities make a Kung Fu practitioner to be disciplined and stay calm, especially while training and when facing a challenge. These qualities are of great help in everyday life.


This is the basic reason for learning Kung Fu. The training produces students who are tolerant and who can fight in case of attack. Kung Fu builds learners in the sense that they use their abilities properly to transform into better people.

Health and Fitness

Kung Fu is a better form of exercise that keeps your body alert and healthy. By so doing, one is able to think clearly, be energetic during the day and sleep soundly; hence, staying healthy. Let us not forget about the fitness that you get when you practice Kung Fu. The practice generally builds you physically, improves your concentration and enhances the speed at which you react and respond to an attack. For Kung Fu practitioners, it is clearly known that the older you become the stronger you grow. This is because you develop the inner vital energy of the body and mind, especially in challenging situations.

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